Tips to Keep Mascara Perfect in Winds


It’s officially the dry eye season. And for those who love a little eye makeup, you probably know that mascara and icy weather are not friends. Read: Strong, icy winds can magnify watery eyes and lead to ribbed tears of ink – as if you’ve just experienced a difficult breakup while you’re just venturing out to shop.

For this reason, many fans of make-up with sensitive eyes decide to give up mascara for the time being and hide their favorite sticks until the weather thaws. A smart gesture, especially if your dry eyes are particularly uncomfortable – but if tearing is your only frustration, experts have a few clever tricks to avoid getting your face dirty.

Here’s how to keep your mascara in place — windstorms are cursed!- and improve eyelashes without coating them at all.

Makeup artist tips to prevent mascara from running.

First, an overlay hack: “Apply your regular mascara first, and then a layer of waterproof mascara, ” says makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. (And celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno gave us the same advice to make her makeup waterproof during the summer months.) See, the first layer of mascara acts like a foundation — be it a transparent or pigmented base layer — which makes it easier to remove makeup. So you will always get this durable and tear-resistant finish without rubbing your eyelashes at the end of the day.

And if you want to completely leave the mascara, you can still improve your eyelashes by gently squeezing them with eyelash curlers—the extra blow will open the eyes and make you look awake. This is especially useful if you have the shape of lowered eyes, because these eyelashes tend to sag without a proper CURL.

Or, says Patinkin, you can opt for an anti-stain lining to make your eyelashes more voluminous. “I like to use a navy sapphire or black liner to tighten under the roots of the upper lashes and in the upper waterline,” she says. “This will fill the gaps between the eyelashes to immediately make them thicker and fluffier.”Choose a liner with a soft gel tip for more precision (like ILIA’s Clean Line Gel Liner), or take a shadow stick (we love this smoky shade from Juice Beauty) for that misty liner effect.

Take-away food.

Bleeding mascara is too common in winter, especially if you have dry eyes that are prone to cracking. This does not mean that you need to completely avoid eye makeup—it’s easy to settle with these settings.

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