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As a beauty professional, I am proud to learn a lot about products, cult finds and what is on the market. Nothing makes me more excited than wondering what kind of serum a friend should try or what shampoo someone should get when trying to get a little rebound in their curls. But even I – with my years of product testing and searching for sources-know that sometimes there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned customer review.

So we collected what real people said about our new postbiotic hand cream for them. Our hand cream is a fast-absorbing but deeply moisturizing formula that provides active ingredients for all aspects of your skin’s barrier function. A high-tech pre- and postbiotic combination nourishes the skin microbiome: these highly selective active ingredients supply skin peptides and fatty acids that can strengthen the epidermal framework, soothe and moisturize dryness and improve the appearance of the skin. Then it contains antioxidants (from a coenzyme Q10 complex and stabilized fruits), which protect the delicate epidermis from free radicals and other stress factors. After all, rich, moisturizing butters, plant extracts and oils supply the lipid layer — our refined blend contains shea butter, oat oil, moringa seed oil and aloe vera. It is an experience not to be missed.

“A new addition to my routine.”

“The softest hands I’ve ever had: the product was soaked very quickly, which is really hard to find. I am happy to add a really carefully produced and formulated product to my routine!”- Jeremy

“I can’t get enough.”

“I am looking for a hand cream that is dense enough to coat my dry, flaky hands with moisture without leaving greasy residue. This formula is as follows. My hands are really soft, like butter, and they are not slippery at all, even a few seconds after rubbing. I’m fed up!”-Liza

“Absolutely love.”

“I love this hand cream ! I feel like it’s a new staple in my daily personal care routine. I applied not only the night before bedtime, but also during the day. I will certainly need two-one for my bedside table and one for my desk!”-Julie

“Don’t let my hands get fat afterward.”

“Finally a hand cream that really moisturizes my skin and does not leave my hands greasy after use! I have been using this several times a day to counteract washing and disinfecting hands recently. Even after the first use, my hands are not dry and feel so much smoother.”- Aubrey


“Perfect hand cream! Luxurious, but not too thick, moisturizing, but quick to dry and never sticky. The recyclable packaging is the icing on the cake. I love it!”-Ella

“Makes my hands extremely smooth.”

“This is the hand cream I was looking for ! Only a small amount goes so far and makes my hands extremely smooth. You haven’t felt so hydrated in years.”- Rémy

“Perfect in between.”

“So fast absorbing! My hands, of course, are very dry, so I still have a hand cream nearby, but most of them are too sticky or greasy — or they are not moisturizing enough! It’s the perfect in-between. Serious…LOVE.”-Cindy

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