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If you are in the market of skin and hair care tips, Mamina Turegano, M. D., FAADS TikTok is a gold mine. The Board-certified, integrative Triple dermatologist is full of In-the-Know hacks – her advice is fun, it’s effective, and it’s always scientifically grounded. We highly recommend browsing through their extensive collection of useful nuggets, but in matter you need a primer, we’ve rounded up some of their top tips in the mindbodygreen Podcast.

Below, Turegano is currently sharing her favorite beauty tips, remedies for hair growth that she swears by DIY Hacks for clear skin:

1. Rbiskern.

“I have a very strong interest in hair loss, and I’m always trying to find tips and tricks to fix it,” Turegano notes. One of these clever tricks is the use of pumpkin seed oil: “The interesting thing about pumpkin seeds is that it also acts on androgens, even more so in the testosterone family, and much of it can play a role in hair loss,” she continues.

One study even compared topical to 5% Minoxidil (The active ingredient in many commercial hair growth products) for its effects on hair loss in women – while Minoxidil outperformed pumpkin seed oil, “they still saw hair regrowth with pumpkin,” Turegano notes. For the use of the natural remedy for hair growth, she recommends using it as a leave-in treatment-apply to the scalp, leave on overnight and wash off in the morning-or add it to your shampoo (we’ve covered her full tutorial here if you’re curious).

And because of pumpkin seed oil’s ability to block androgens, Turegano says it may also be helpful to eliminate breakouts. “Androgens play an important role in the development of acne on the skin,” she says, because they can increase oil production. However, pumpkin seed oil can simultaneously reduce these androgens and moisturize the skin at the same rate. As a Board-certified Dermatologist Keira Barr, M. D. once told us about the removal of pimples under the skin: “Pumpkin seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that can reduce inflammation, and it also has antiandrogenic effects. You can dilute 1-5% tea tree oil in pumpkin seed oil to help acne treatment.”

2. Rosemary oil.

In the field of natural hair growth, you often hear from experts (including Turegano!) praise rosemary oil-this is because a randomized comparative study showed that the essential oil was as effective as 2% Minoxidil. “I would be curious to see how rosemary oil is compared with 5% Minoxidil,” Turegano notes, but for a natural remedy it is very promising.

You can even combine rosemary oil and pumpkin seed oil in the same treatment to enjoy both benefits, because they play well with each other. “Pumpkin seeds act more on hormones, but rosemary oil promotes blood circulation, which can help stimulate and nourish hair follicles,” says Turegano. Think of it as support for hair growth from several angles.

3. Adhesive tape for Warts.

“My attitude to warts is that they can be a little crazy,” Turegano says. “You can throw everything in the kitchen sink and nothing moves, or sometimes they go away on their own.”Again, the best course of action is to approach the problem from several angles and consult a professional before embarking on a DIY treatment. “But I’m also going to tell people to make sure they keep their warts covered. Adhesive tape does a good job.”

One study even found that applying adhesive tape to warts (replacing the adhesive tape every six days) was more effective than cryotherapy (or freezing warts, a usual traditional treatment). Why is it working? Says Turegano, the temporary dressing prevents the wart from getting oxygen. “Oxygen can actually nourish warts, so you want to smother them,” she says. It is enough to cut a piece of adhesive tape to the size of the wart (or as close as possible) and fix it on the area, replacing it every six days until the wart falls off.

Naturally, this compound may not work for everyone. While keeping warts covered is usually a good idea to take Turegano notes, you may need to add other methods to the mix. I’ve also seen that higher doses of zinc for a few months can also help,” she says. (Here’s a randomized controlled trial to secure it.) “I’m all about beating it from any simple, simple, inexpensive home remedy that isn’t painful.”But if a professional recommends cryotherapy to cleanse the area, this is probably the best choice.

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