Denise Vasi’s Daily Routine For Radiant Skin


When scrolling through Denise Vasi’s social networks, it’s impossible not to want to know her exact Routine. With a Complexion like yours, I practically ask for tips. Luckily for all of us, the model, actress, Beauty influencer and entrepreneur shared their top tips on their Maed website as well as their very popular Instagram page.

But if you are looking for your best, proven advice – we have the insider information. Not only did she appear on our recent episode of the Clean Beauty School beauty podcast, but she shared with us some of her daily wellness routines.

Skincare is like Self-reliance.

For Vasi, skincare is not a superficial “should”, but a must. “I’m a beauty enthusiast, so my skincare practice is my moment of relaxation,” she says. “I like to give myself 15 to 30 minutes a night to enjoy my Routine.”

In the morning, she sticks to her basics to keep her Routine streamlined and effortless. “I start with a cold Jade or ice roller to wake up my face, then wash it off with a mild, hydrating cleanser, followed by a Toner, a plumping serum, a caffeinated eye cream and a moisturizing sunscreen,” she says.

But at night she takes the time to assess the unique needs of her skin – and this influences her choices: “my night Routine varies because I take care of my skin with a “what do I need today? For example, if my skin feels like I’m having a particularly oily day, or maybe I’m feeling a rash, I wash it off with a tea tree oil or salicylic acid cleanser.”

Get a nutritional boost from the inside out.

A real glow starts with how you treat your body. Vasi says she follows the 80/20 rule (‘I’m very deliberate with my decisions, but I’m not so rigid that I feel guilty. Life is a beautiful dance of discipline and self-indulgence,” she says). And one of the ways she intentionally feeds her body is to be thoughtful and give it dense nutrients. “Skin care starts with diet, so I eat for my skin. I try to eat high-quality meals rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids,” she says.

But Vasi is the first to notice that life can get in the way, so a green powder can be a useful way to get an extra dose of nutrients and bioactive substances. “I love Mindbodygreen Organic veggies+ because it helps with detoxification, hormonal balance and promoting a healthy gut microbiome, all supporting healthy, resilient and radiant skin.”

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