Tips to Apply Concealer to Brighten the Skin


The best concealer hacks are those that you can master in the blink of an eye, but look effortlessly on the skin (who wouldn’t agree?). The goal is safe, and who better to share a stress-free trick than actress, model, influencer and entrepreneur Denise Vasi?

The busy founder of maed recently shared her five-minute makeup routine on an episode of Clean Beauty School, including the concealer hack, which plays a double role: it brightens the eye area and lifts the face, helping to cover spots that you might feel insecure about.

We have entered the details for you below. Trust us, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

How to apply a concealer to brighten and lift the face.

For this tutorial, you want to use a light cream-liquid concealer that blends perfectly with the skin. Vasi calls the concealer Kosas Revealer his “savior product”, as it not only blends beautifully with the skin, but is also available in a wide range of 28 shades. In fact, she grabs three to nail her natural-looking routine:

“I use the No. 6 shade under my eyes to lighten my dark circles,” she says. (We recommend applying it only to discolored areas, since the coating can give the entire surface of the skin a flat, one-dimensional appearance.)

Then “I use the number 7 on and around my face to correct small imperfections that I want to hide, ” she continues. Although you can opt for a slightly lighter shade for the bottom of the eyes, their real shade is best to hide imperfections, since a lighter tone can only highlight the area.

“And then I use No. 8 essentially as a bronzer to model and sculpt a little bit,” she adds. Instead of a full cream contour, the slightly darker shade will give a more subtle tanned shade, just enough to shape the cheekbones and jaw. Just slide under the cheekbones to make them burst and add a few dots near the hairline to get more heat.

Of course, precision contraception should be just that: exactly. Vasi adheres to a light application and allows his natural skin texture to breathe, instead of piling on layers of concealer in three different shades. “You can literally make a few points and it gives you the perfect amount of coverage where you don’t feel like you’re wearing makeup, but you have some coverage,” she explains.

If you are hoping for more comprehensive coverage, then you should choose a foundation as a basis, and then hide the specific problem areas. This way you will avoid looking muddy or uneven.

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