Hand Cream Remedy For Age Spots On Your Hands


As we get older, our skin changes. We may notice some fine lines around our eyes or on our forehead. You can see that your cheeks do not have the same bounce that you have already had. Dark circles under your eyes can appear more strongly and stay longer. The epidermis of the chest and neck may appear thinner. Overall, you may notice irritation or increased sensitivity.

And a very common problem that people notice is a form Of hyperpigmentation called “age spots”, sometimes called dark or sunspots. “Hyperpigmentation is an excessive production of melanin in your skin,” says cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Epione Simon Ourian, M.D. When the skin is exposed to inflammation (caused by sun exposure, pollution and even chronic low-quality inflammation over time), the cells that control the production of melanin – called melanocytes — can become overactive, which leads to this additional Pigment.

And a very common area for dark spots? Your Hands.

How to care for dark spots on your hands.

The skin on your hands spends a lot – taking into account bodywork, frequent exposure to the environment, UV rays and stress factors. Because of this, they often show signs of aging and damage in front of other areas of the body. For example, many people may have excessively dry skin on the fingers due to frequent hand washing and cold air when the skin is more or less thin on other parts of the body. And in the matter of dark spots on the hands, you will most likely see more spots, because the hands are regularly exposed to UV radiation and experience inflammation due to environmental stressors.

The tendency to dark spots all over the body tends to follow the same tips: protect the skin from UV rays and the harmful effects of the environment, keep the skin calm using topical anti-inflammatory agents and help lighten the skin with antioxidants.

To begin with, we always recommend using a sun protection factor every day – as well as body protection (at the wearing gloves) in the cold or when the skin is exposed to drying agents, such as when cleaning. Ideally, avoid damage caused by pigmentation. But it is impossible to completely avoid inflammation: That is why it is so important to keep the skin hydrated, soothed and filled with brightening antioxidants throughout the day.

Mind body green’s postbiotic hand cream supports your skin barrier with a smart blend of biotic ingredients, plant lipids and powerful antioxidants. First of all, the mixture of shea butter, aloe and vegetable oils nourishes and moisturizes the skin. (Not to mention the fact that thanks to the content of antioxidants and salicylic acid, Aloe Vera can also have lightning properties for dark spots.) The unique, high-tech pre- and postbiotic agents nourish the skin microbiome and have a deep soothing effect on the skin. It also contains impressive antioxidants: coenzyme Q10 action inflammation, free radicals, and even has an energizing effect on skin cells (they literally act).) Then there is a watermelon, apple and lentil complex that strengthens the anti-free radical power and protective benefits of this cream, as it contains a wide range of skin-supporting nutrients such as citrulline and polysaccharides for water retention, vitamin B5 to smooth the skin and trisaccharides to improve the epidermal barrier function.

A not-so-small bonus: it feels divine to apply, so you will actually be inspired to do it throughout the day. Take it from someone who spends all their time typing on a keyboard, this blend doesn’t feel greasy or leave that dreaded oily film on your fingers.

Of course, there are many treatments related to dark spots. (Watch some of them here!) And if you feel so inclined, you can definitely use a pump of your facial serum on the area. But as with most skin care celebrations, consistent care will serve you better longer.

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