Daily Beauty Routine by Model & Actress Denise Vasi


In the meantime, we are used to celebrities entering the spa. Oh, and the beauty industry. And also become content creators. And add entrepreneurs to their Summaries. The transition to a career path with several hyphens today seems to be a rite of passage. But we will say that Denise Vasi – who describes herself as an actress, model, influencer and entrepreneur – was not only one of the first to do it, but also extraordinary.

But it also means she’s busy. Like really busy. And therefore must follow a very strict daily beauty routine. “I’m a mother and I work all the time, whether it’s with the children, my things, shopping or whatever, I don’t have time to sit down and take a crazy look at it. I need products that work very well and I can use them very quickly,” says the founder of maed in this episode of the Clean Beauty School. Here your daily routine almost effortlessly.

Daily SPF

No Look is complete without proper sun protection, Vasi says. “I apply sunscreen every day. Like it’s 101 skincare out there,” she said. “You need to wear sunscreen every day, even in winter, regardless of your complexion. This is a must.”

We know that exposure to the sun and the environment is one of the main causes of premature aging and most skin care problems— and SPF is one of the best ways to protect the skin from these UV-induced free radicals. To prepare her Makeup Routine, she uses an Option like Biossance Squalane + Zinc sheer Mineral Sunscreen. Want other solid recommendations? Discover our favorite facial SPFs for all skin types.

Use concealer instead of foundation.

Oh, boy, the Internet loves a concealer Hack, from tired eyes to skin imperfections. Here’s a good one: how to apply a light concealer instead of a foundation, so that it looks like you’re not wearing anything at all.

1 is Kosa’s Concealer Revealer,” she says. “It’s not difficult, so you can literally do a few stitches and it gives you the perfect amount of coverage where you don’t feel like you’re wearing makeup, but you have some coverage.”

She likes it so much that she can skillfully apply it all over her face in three shades: “For example, I use shade n ° 6 under my eyes to lighten my dark circles. And I use N° 7 on and around my face to correct small imperfections that I want to cover. And then I basically use No.8 as a Bronzer to profile and sculpt a little.”

Vivid Lips & Eyelashes.

The favorite advice of a make-up artist is also Vasi’s: the fastest way to get a polished and refined face is a lip and a whip. “I like a lively lip. It’s kind of my secret to seem awake and composed,” she says. “I just put on a red lipstick and the whole Look changes.”She surpasses that vibrant pout with a swipe of her Ilia’s Limitless Lash Mascara (which is also my favorite). For an extra Note, she presses on Saie Glowy Super Gel lightweight Illuminating Serum Highlighter.

But be careful, a bold lip requires regular lip care. Applying saturated pigments to chapped or dry lips looks less appealing: “the only way to have the perfect red lip is if you really take care of your lips with a scrub and make sure you use something at night to really moisturize and treat the lips,” she says. “Lips are like Neck and Hands; people do not forget.”

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