Makeup Tips to Emphasize the Shape of Upturned Eyes


Understanding the shape of your eyes can be a challenge. And while all eye shapes are perfectly beautiful in their own way, there is one eye shape that many consider naturally sensual. Come in, eyes upside down. We do not know the most attractive name, but this is the kind of eye shape that most of us unknowingly try to imitate. You know how we like classic winged eyeliner? Yes, it’s the same Shape of Eyes upside down. Smoky eyes – you guessed it, this is the same concept of eye shape. Essentially, it’s like a natural cat’s eye, but we’ll discuss this after.

Read on for professional tips on how to emphasize and embrace the shape of upturned eyes.

How to determine if you have your eyes turned over.

According to makeup artist Olga Shikris, the shape of the eyes is reversed when its outer corner on the line of the lower eyelashes is higher or turned upwards than the inner corner on the line of the lower eyelashes. The best way to test this at home is to place your finger in the middle of your eyelid. When the outer half of the eye is bent upwards, you have your eyes turned over. Think about the shape of a whole almond. Shikris says that upturned eyes are associated with some advantages. “The upturned eye creates a natural lifting effect that many women (and men) are looking for,” she says. “Some use adhesive tape to pull along the temples, while others opt for more semi-permanent solutions like Botox to achieve similar results.”

7 makeup tips for upturned eyes.

Now that you know what an upside-down eye is, let’s see how you can look even more beautiful. Expert advice below. Oh, and on the market for a new eyeliner? Here are our favorites.

1. Mix the traditional smoker Eye again.

There is always a time and place for a smoky, sensual eye, and Shikris says it can enhance your naturally upward-facing eye. “To round the eye, use a pencil brush to create a thin line along the line of the lower eyelashes, and then smoke the outer corner as a wedge,” she suggests. Essentially, the goal is to create a thin line in the inner corner and gradually grow into a thicker line towards the outer corner. This will help to balance the shape of your eye.

2. Tightline Eyeliner is your Go-to.

When applying makeup to inverted eyes, it’s about balancing them. Apply makeup on your tight line with a bright color like white, nude or soft brown to open your eyes and emphasize your natural cat eye shape.

Jessica Richards, founder of Shen Beauty, notes that pencils are perfect for this technique. “If you use a pencil, the best method is to follow the pencil through your eyelashes. This gives a Tightline effect and a covering finish.”

3. Be sure to apply shadows in the crease.

If bold eye shadows are your choice, you’re in luck. Shikris says that the application of shadows is allowed throughout the crease, but if possible, try to avoid the elongation of the eye by creating a V-shaped shadow edge in the outer corner.

4. Mix light and dark eye shadows.

To improve the shape of your eyes upside down, use a combination of dark and light shades when applying eyeshadow. “Apply a lighter color to the first half of your eyelid and a darker shade to the outer corners of your eyes,” says celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa.

5. Select the inner corner of the Eye.

Let’s face it, Her eyes are naturally sexy. After you have added eyeshadow and eyeliner, take a small amount of your favorite marker on your index finger and dab it into the inner corner of the eye near the back of the nose. Don’t have a Highlighter? Champagne or white eyeshadow work the same way.

6. Emphasize the Eyes thanks to false Eyelashes add.

Yes, you can always wear dummy if you have your eyes upside down. The secret is where you apply them. “With the eyes upside down, focus on applying dummy to the middle of the eye instead of the outer corners,” says Shikris.

7. Soak up the cat-eye.

Winged Liner is a great Option to emphasize the natural shape of your eyes. Have fun with your Wing Liner. You can change the interior colors, play with the thickness of the wing or even make the outer corners shine for a special occasion.

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