Benefits of Quinoa Oil For Body Care & Beauty.


At its best, beauty consists of products and practices that are not only avant-garde and effective, but also meaningful. As lovers of beauty, we need celebrations that take us beyond what meets the eye, that help us rediscover our own inner beauty. Beauty needs not just a checklist of lotions and potions, but a program that nourishes our whole body. And what ingredient could be better for this than a whole grain like quinoa?

Quinoa: the new beauty ingredient.

Quinoa is really the grain that makes everything — and it’s been thousands of years since the Incas considered this “ergot” a sacred Culture. Not only is it full of proteins, fats and fiber to supply our plate, but this golden grain sets the standard in beauty and skin care. Quinoa is a powerful ingredient, inside and out, and now that the brand for Brazilian beauty NativaSPA is finally heading to the United States, the lovers of beauty can enjoy it themselves.

The beauty benefits of quinoa.

There’s a reason nativaspa’s whole-body care collection is powered by quinoa. This ingredient is loaded with properties that take skin care to the next level… Starting with the omegas. Quinoa is rich in omega-3, -6 and – 9-healthy fats that help us build a healthy body. Our body already produces omega-9 itself, but the topical application of quinoa oil helps to replenish the omega-3 and -6 intake of our skin in one layer. It is proved that omegas promote healthy skin, help with both inflammation and wound healing, and quinoa oil contains 30 times more than coconut oil, 4 times more than avocado oil and 2 times more than almond oil.

Quinoa oil is rich in healthy fats, which makes our skin thirsty, but it also provides important antioxidant protection. As a reminder, antioxidants help our skin action free radicals that can damage the skin, wrinkles and inflammation. This golden oil contains high concentrations of polyphenols (proven micronutrients to protect our skin from the sun), carotenoids (“powerful antioxidant substances”) and tocopherols such as vitamin E, which protect our skin from the sun and free radicals. Compared to other cereals, quinoa oil is a superior source of antioxidants that have the potential to transform our skin.

Transform your skin.

If quinoa oil looks more like liquid gold, you get the picture. But how does our skin feel? Thanks to its many properties, quinoa oil deeply moisturizes our skin, making it firmer and smoother. It also strengthens our skin barrier and blocks this hydration for effects that last a very long time. Quinoa oil is even occlusive, which means it prevents transepidermal water loss, where water evaporates from our skin. (Take that, wintertime.)

Reaping so many benefits, but making the most of this ingredient eventually starts with quality, as not all quinoa oils are created equal. NativaSPA uses a proprietary patented process that makes it possible to extract 100% pure quinoa oil from the grain, compared to other products that use chemicals (often toxic) in the extraction process. Their process not only preserves the properties of quinoa oil, but also provides a higher concentration. There is quinoa extract and quinoa oil NativaSPA. For full-body care, we should never be content with just these.

Full body care.

In a world of fleeting beauty trends and impossible expectations, it’s easy to forget that true beauty starts from the inside. But a celebration with a lotion or a firming oil with quinoa NativaSPA can help us remember how much all the care is connected with the whole being. Instead of just rubbing the lotion on the parts of our body that the world will see (guilty of the charge), it’s time to put out a page of the Brazilian beauty manual by taking our time, hugging our body and generously applying quinoa oil from head to toe.

When whole body care looks like this – slowly, consciously, in love with yourself- the world of beauty is transformed. It is no longer about what is on the surface, but about something much bigger: nature, our own body and the planet around us. And NativaSPA talks about this with vegan products that are produced cruelly and according to sustainable processes from start to finish. Quinoa is the key to a new era of skin care and beauty. What will you unlock?

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