Guide to Shampoo Your Hair Gently


As for the shampoo label, we often discuss when (depends on the type of hair, the level of activity and a host of other factors) and what (also depends on the type of hair, although we usually recommend not to use sulfate), but we rarely touch on how. Sounds self-explanatory, doesn’t it? Just throw a product on your scalp and rub.

Well, according to New York-based hairdresser Matt Newman on TikTok, there’s a scary mistake people make when shampooing their hair. In fact, there may even be problems with time (think tangles and hair loss).

A big mistake that people make when shampooing their hair.

“Don’t rub back and forth,” Newman says. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many of your nails are raking your scalp — it may sound good to scratch your skin, but pulling aggressively on your strands can lead to tangles and hair loss.

On the contrary, “with circular motions, lift your fingers up from the scalp and put them back down,” Newman suggests. Use Your Fingers, not Your Nails!-to massage the shampoo region by region into your scalp until you cover the entire surface. Every time you move to a new area, do not pull your fingers; as Newman notes, take a swipe to lift them off your head and gently lower them before continuing to massage.

You can also use a scalp massager to deposit the shampoo by working the flexible bristles around your scalp in circular motions (for some reason I find that I am much softer with the tool than with my own fingers, which is why I always have a scalp brush in the shower). However, do not forget to take the massager every time you move to a new area.

Finally, do not worry if the shampoo does not foam while you are working in the product — many sulfate-free shampoos do not really foam (sulfates give their foamy feel to traditional shampoos), but this does not mean that they do not do their job. So do not aggressively rub your scalp until you have worked out some kind of foam — this will only harm your poor strands.

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